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AcuPro Clinic | London Chinese Medicine

 Provided herbal medicine with the best quality and sufficient quantity

Have Acupuncture treatment done with Fully Registered Practitioner 

Our Acupuncturist is trained in medical degree in China and UK

Provide high standard treatment but charge fair rate

Chinese medicine Acupuncture Herbal medicine London Chinese medicine Acupuncture Herbal medicine London 

The feature of AcuPro Clinic

Ms. Ting Wang was a doctor in Heilongjiang University of TCM Hospital which is the top 5 Chinese medicine hospital in China. Although she is living in UK, she still keeps strong connection with her former colleagues and supervisor.

She believes that learning is an endless process. As the main academic circle of Chinese medicine is in China and the high demand of Chinese medicine treatment which provide significant case studies to do the research with. She has to make herself be updated about the new research and therapeutic method to provide the most effective treatment for her patients.

In the past two years, 30% cases  has been discussed and the treatment strategies was approved by the professors in Heilongjiang University of TCM Hospital. Ms. Ting Wang is professional and confident with her job, however, to ensure treatment effects and to save her patients’ time and cost, she prefers to consult the most severer case with the professors based in China, rather than with one person’s strength.

What we have been succeed in treating:


Improvement seen in 2-week’s Herbal medicine + weekly Acupuncture normally


significant improvement within 5-6 weeks herbal medicine


Normally Getting pregnant after 3-6 months Herbal medicine + Acu+Moxa/week


The symptoms can be disappear after even 1st Electric-acupuncture

Achilles tendinitis/Plantar fasciitis

Pain easily be erased within 2-3 Acu+Moxa treatments, twice a week. But a bit more treatment would be needed to back up.


Small pitch flare-up eczema easily be swept  with in 5-6 weeks’ herbal medicine, but some severer and chronic cases need 6-12 months herbal medicine to adjust internal environment.


Usually 50% improved during the 5 weeks herbal medicine, the acne can be even clean in some cases

What treatment we provide:


Herbal Medicine

Balance internal circulatory system


Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve activity

Facial Acupuncture

Shoal Deep Wrinkles, Erase Fine Lines, Tighten Flabby Skin

Acupuncture + Moxibustion

Acupuncture + Cupping

Boost blood circulation, erase muscular aching and evaporate water retention

What patients say: