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Excessive Weight

Loss the extra weight in a healthy way

We only can help to achieve your healthy weight level, lossing exceed weight is not suggested in TCM

What treatments we typically prescribe?

Electro-Acupuncture on weekly base and daily customised herbal drink are the most common treatment for weight loss treatment.

The Electro-Acupuncture can stimulate the intestine motility to impact factors that can reverse obesity.

Your customised herbal treatment mean to regular and strengthen the digestion efficiency and metabolism to control the weight in a healthy figure.

About your Condition

Due to the different body types, some heat or fire type may cause exceed appetite; some damp type may cause body remain the metabolite; deficiency type may cause indigestive and so on.

In order to provide an accurate treatment to each individual, your consultant will conclude your type and give an according treatment plan.


  • feel bloating and indigestion
  • sleep after meal and energy decrease
  • irregular bowel movements


Result usually can be seen in 7-13weeks

Excessive Weight
Excessive Weight
Excessive Weight
Excessive Weight
Excessive Weight
Excessive Weight
Excessive Weight

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