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IVF Support

Increasing IVF successful rate

Acupuncture is the most popular treatment to assist IVF treatment.

What treatments we typically prescribe?

If you haven’t start the IVF procedure yet, herbal medicine and Moxi-Acupuncuture would be suitable for you. As it is worth to take 2-3 months time to adjust your  internal environment and get prepared for the better eggs‘ quality and conception.

If you already have your IVF planed and started the hormone injection, you might not be suggested to take herbal medicine. So the Moxi-Acupuncture will be the best choice to help with nourishing follicles and growing endometrial lining. The treatment are suitable to do 1-2 times per week.

No matter which situation you are, the acupuncture points and treatment strategies are always different between follicular phase and luteal phase. So always let your practitioner know which day you are in your cycle, you practitioner analysis your case better and offer the best treatment.

About your Condition

Increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs.
Optimising the environment where the follicles develop.
Improving the quality of the endometrial lining thus increasing the chances of embryo implantation.


  • Unable to conceive naturally


Results can varies to different couples, depends on age and health background. But there are some other indications can be monitoring how much benefit you have gain from the treatment, such as stress level, sleeping quality and period condition.


Jessica Rockson is a business/Life coach and was treated for fertility at AcuPro clinic in 2018, she had so much painful and excited experience with IVF over her seven years. Now she is having 2 years’ old little girl, which inspired her a lot to write a book and coach more women with their IVF journey. If you are confused about what to do and love to hear more stories, you are welcome to visit her homepage.

IVF Support
IVF Support
IVF Support
IVF Support
IVF Support
IVF Support
IVF Support

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