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Facial Acupuncture

We provide anti-age Facial Acupuncture

Insert an acupuncture needle into the surface of the skin at the area of the collagen loss, the needle creates a mild trauma in the skin. The skin then sends in all the collagen-building and repair cells to repair the ‘trauma.’ Just like when you hurt or scrape yourself, the body’s natural ability to heal kicks in. So by strategically placing the needles into areas where there’s collagen loss, you can trigger the production of more collagen.

Prior to the treatment

Ideally do not wear any make up, if so, then please wear it lightly.

During the treatment

We will place 30 - 50 tiny needles on problematic areas and have an infrared lamp above the core, for a duration of 40 minutes.

After the treatment

There can sometimes be a little chance of developing bruises, so feel free to use make up to cover them.

Why choose Acupro for your treatment?

AcuPro Clinic has their core specilists based in China, who are able to instruct the London based practitioners updated all the research and experience from China. We believes that learning is an endless process. As the main academic circle of Chinese medicine is in China and the high demand of Chinese medicine treatment which provide significant case studies to do the research with. We make sure ourselves are updated about the new research and therapeutic method to provide the most effective treatment for our patients.


Keeping to regular and frequent appointments will ensure the best results, but if appointments are too far apart, then it will take longer to achieve the results and they may not be as good.


is it cause bleeding?
It might cause bleeding very rarely. Most of the treatment does not arises bleed or bruise
Facial Acupuncture
Facial Acupuncture
Facial Acupuncture
Facial Acupuncture
Facial Acupuncture
Facial Acupuncture
Facial Acupuncture

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