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What our patients say

Ting's approach to treatment is far more enlightened than most. Rather than simply focusing on the symptoms and big manipulations to address them, she takes a holistic approach to solving the route cause of any problems. ”


I had a problem w with my arm for about 9 months, before I have found the place. It came to the point that I could not even pick up a pen without pain. I had had received 2 guided injections with some streoid, 15 sessions of physio before I had found this place by chance. ”


Successful treatment for acne and some digestive issues. Dr Ting is a wonderful specialist and understands the working of the human body very well. I can definitely recommend her. Thank you for your help!”


Great service, Ting is very efficient. Had a course of acupuncture & cupping for a sore shoulder which has helped ease the tension & pain. I’ve fallen asleep a few times during acupuncture - relaxing. Highly recommend.”


I had completely given up on my eczema when I kept having steroid cream induced flares. I tried the herbal tea and it's seems to have completely reduced them and haven't had one since! Many thanks”


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