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Herbal prescriptions

Herbs will be specifically tailor-made to individuals

We provide Chinese herbal extracts are herbal decoctions that have been condensed into a granular or powdered form. Herbal extracts, similar to patent medicines, are easier and more convenient for patients to take. The industry extraction standard is 5:1, meaning for every five pounds of raw materials, one pound of herbal extract is derived. Typically, one batch of medicinals is prepared as a decoction of about 9 to 18 substances. Some of these are considered as main herbs, some as ancillary herbs; within the ancillary herbs, up to three categories can be distinguished. Some ingredients are added in order to cancel out toxicity or side-effects of the main ingredients; on top of that, some medicinals require the use of other substances as catalysts.

During the treatment

It is safe to take other medicines whilst taking herbs. However, we do suggest though to avoid alcohol.

Why choose Acupro for your treatment?

AcuPro Clinic has its core specialists based in China, who are able to instruct the London based practitioners to update all the research and experience from China. We believe that learning is an endless process. As the main academic circle of Chinese medicine is in China and the high demand for Chinese medicine treatment which provides significant case studies to do the research with. We make sure we are updated about the new research and therapeutic method to provide the most effective treatment for our patients.


Usually, after three weeks of taking herbs, you then start to notice the results. Courses usually last from two months to half a year, so it is imperative to see the course through in order to achieve optimum results.


What is covered by my consultation fee?

Your consultation fee will include a consultation with one of our experienced doctors, prescriptions if needed, and any specialist referrals you may require. We are proud to offer transparent services, with no hidden charges. Rates are on our website, and you can clarify the details when you call to book.

Is your testing done in-house?

All of our samples are taken on-site and sent to our Central London laboratory by dedicated courier. X-ray and radiology is organised with our diagnostic partner, the London Bridge Hospital, located across the square from our City clinic.

When can I expect my results?

Test turnaround time in the majority of cases is 24 hours. Bacterial tests and pap smear results require a cultured sample, which can take 3-5 days. We will inform you of when to expect your results, and contact you when they arrive. A doctor will call you to discuss your results, and you can receive them by post, email or by in-person collection.

Herbal prescriptions
Herbal prescriptions
Herbal prescriptions
Herbal prescriptions
Herbal prescriptions
Herbal prescriptions
Herbal prescriptions

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