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We provide Fire Cupping, Dry Cupping & Plastic Cupping

Cupping treatment often practiced alongside acupuncture but can also be a ‘stand-alone’ treatment.

The technique involves creating a vacuum inside round glass or bamboo cups by inserting a naked flame and removing it, then placing the cup quickly onto the area to be treated before the vacuum is lost. The cups are then left in place for anything up to 20 minutes. If large areas of the body need treatment, a technique known as ‘sliding cups’ is used. A thin layer of massage oil is spread over the skin; the cups are placed onto the body in the normal way and then slid along the muscles being treated. This helps the blood and qi to flow more easily in stagnated areas.


Prior to the treatment

wear comfortable clothing, Make sure you are not too full or too staving

During the treatment

With cupping, we use fire to create a vacuum in the glass cups, which when placed on specific parts of your body, creates a suction that pulls the flesh slightly into the cup.

After the treatment

Cupping will usually leave bruises and can normally take up to two weeks to disappear depending upon how dark the bruise is. After cupping, please avoid showers or getting the area wet for at least 24 hours to keep the cupping area cover fully and try to avoid from bath and swimming within 24 hours, a shower is fine.

Why choose Acupro for your treatment?

AcuPro Clinic has its core specialists based in China, who are able to instruct the London based practitioners to update all the research and experience from China. We believe that learning is an endless process. As the main academic circle of Chinese medicine is in China and the high demand for Chinese medicine treatment which provides significant case studies to do the research with. We make sure we are updated about the new research and therapeutic method to provide the most effective treatment for our patients.


Results usually are seen within 3 treatments


Does cupping hurt?
Cupping does not generally hurt, but should you find that the suction is a little uncomfortable, then please tell the Dr performing the treatment who will either use a smaller cup or replace the same cup with less suction force.
Should there be brusing?
Most times there will be some bruising.
How often to have cupping thearpy?
Depending upon an individuals case, cupping could be used for a few treatments or all, in conjunction with acupuncture or a massage treatment.

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