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Headaches and migraines are some of the most common conditions we treat. We see a few different varieties of headaches which include tension headaches, migraines and occasionally menstrual headaches, all of which have slightly different symptoms and remedies symptoms and remedies.

Condition Explanation and Symptoms:

Tension headaches are the most common kind of headache we see and treat. Typically, you will feel a dull, constant ache on the sides of the head and sometimes the forehead. You may also feel a dull ache within the shoulders and neck, and sometimes a feeling of pressure behind the eyes. This type of headache is thought to be caused by stress, tight muscles, lack of exercise, bad posture and eye strain.

Migraines are another form of head ache we regularly see. A migraine will feel like a moderate to intense throbbing pain/ache on just one side of the head and you are likely to be sensitive to light or sound. You may experience something called an aura which is a sign that a migraine is about to begin, this could be seeing flashing lights, partial sight loss, muscle weakness, or numbness. The causes of migraines aren’t fully known, but it may include hormonal changes, stress, sleep problems, and some foods and medications.

Women may suffer from severe headaches around the time of their cycle due to hormonal changes known as Menstrual Headaches, something herbal medicine combined with acupuncture has success at treating.

What treatments we typically prescribe?

Deep tissue massage, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, and a combination of these treatments together are typically what we use to treat the above conditions. We may also use herbal medicine in conjunction with the above treatments for Menstrual Headaches.

Benefits of these treatments:

  • Benefit 1 – Release the restricted muscles around the neck and head and promote blood flow to the area, bringing in new nutrients and removing toxins.
  • Benefit 2 – Relaxes both the mind and the body, helping with stress and improving sleep quality.
  • Benefit 3 – Electro-acupuncture can help calm the nervous system, as well as normalizing the size of vessels as they tend to narrow up during headaches/migrains due to the stress and tension.


Each treatment is done for around 30 minutes depending on what type, and the seriousness of the condition. You can expect to see a difference after the first treatment or two. Normally a course of 4-6 weeks for moderate conditions should be sufficient, and 3-6 month course are ideal for more seriousness conditions.

The aim of conventional treatment is to reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of headache, with minimal adverse effects from treatment. Prescribed and over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen are taken to alleviate headaches.(Watson 2008)


Ms. Ting Wang

  • Member of British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)
  • Clinician in Neurology department, Heilongjiang University of TCM Hospital
  • MSc. in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture), London South Bank University
  • BSc. in Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative, Heilongjiang University of TCM


What you should know?

Acupuncture rarely ‘hurts‘. The most that people experience is a dull ache around the base of the inserted needle, or a slight tingling feeling when the needle is inserted. Points at the extremities, like toe or finger ends, can sometimes be a little sharp, but the sensation is usually brief.

Acupuncture is extremely safe if delivered by adequately trained practitioners. The most frequent side-effects are mild and include: minor bruising or bleeding, usually on needle withdrawal (3%), worsening of existing symptoms (1%) which usually lasts no more than two days and is sometimes associated with a good overall outcome; drowsiness, relaxation, or euphoria (3%) which is often experienced as pleasurable (and if so is not an adverse event!), and pain at the needling site (1%). Severe, extremely rare side-effects include a puncture lung or heart membrane (this is avoided by correct technique); transmission of blood-borne diseases (e.g. hepatitis C), avoided by using single-use, sterile, disposable needles, and skin infection (which is possible with ear acupuncture, particularly if indwelling studs are used).s

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