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Sinusitis in many individuals tends to become a chronic condition. The reason is that after each recurring infection, most methods of treatment fail to drain the sinus cavities completely of mucus and discharge. This creates an ongoing pattern of infection after infection. Continually treating the infections with antibiotics can weaken the immune system, causing further problems. TCM modalities can break this pattern and are actually designed to boost, not damage the body’s immune response.

The paranasal sinuses are hollows formed by the bones of the face, which when healthy are filled with air, allowing us to breathe deeply through the nose. The main sinuses are frontal, which sits on the forehead, and maxillary, which sit under each cheekbone. 

In the sinuses, mucous production – the body’s reaction when it mounts an immune response – can quite readily become a painful problem if we are unable to drain the mucous faster than it is produced. Inflamed sinuses are prone to infection, meaning viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens such as moulds can readily grow in a sinus cavity full of phlegm. 

Too many of us are familiar with the uncomfortable, sometimes debilitating ache of a sinus headache and associated symptoms. Without appropriate treatment, or if our systems are incapable of mounting an adequate immune response, the problem can become chronic. Generally, sinusitis is classified as chronic if it lasts 10 weeks or more.


Acupuncture treatment for blocked sinuses can offer very rapid relief. A combination of local points to offer symptomatic relief, and distal points to help open the channels that run through the sinuses and boost the immune system, can help relieve a current infection as well as reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence. 

Along with acupuncture, herbal medicine is prescribed in traditional Chinese medical treatment to relieve congestion.  A registered and skilled herbalist will modify each formula to suit the individual with the aim to address the root cause of the sinus problem as well as provide relief for immediate symptoms.


Acupuncture and Herbal medicine


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