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Insomnia is the inability to obtain sufficient sleep, difficulty falling asleep or being unable to asleep throughout the night. This leads to fatigue, low energy, diminished mental alertness and concentration during the daytime. Insomnia is usually due to temporary causes, such as jetlag, illness, stress or drinking too much coffee. When it occurs nearly every night and lasts a month or longer, then you should seek help.


From a TCM viewpoint, insomnia is a manifestation of a shen (spirit) disorder which various internal disharmonies makes the spirit restless and thus creates sleeping problems.


During the consultation, physicians will ask about the individual’s sleep pattern and degree of daytime fatigue; furthermore, one’s lifestyle, as well as regular emotional and physical state, also needs to be taken into account. Typically, individuals will under go special examination techniques for assessment and based on the collected clinical information, a subtle pattern of disharmony will be diagnosed and a specific treatment plan devised.

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