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We are reopening...

Safe Practice for everyone

You are able to make an appointment online and come to the clinic at your time-slot,

to avoid from meeting other people at the same time.


Call us to arrange an online consultation if you are outside of London.

  1. Herbal prescriptions

Boosting your immunity

only £100 includes 30 mins online consultation+10 days customised herbal medicine+P&P

The herbs work like a ventilation system, where it will help filter out any particles or phlegm in the respiratory system allowing clean air to circulate without any contamination.Chinese herbs for respiratory conditions are prescribed as customized formulas which are different for each patient. According to the patient’s condition, many herbs are put together in a group to enhance the benefit of the treatment with little to no side effects. Some herbs have anti-inflammatory properties and others fight infection. When used in the ideal combination, herbs have the ability to effectively treat respiratory conditions

If you are experiencing any suspected symptoms of coronavirus, such as fever, coughing, shortness of breath, the symptoms usually can be released within 3-7days.

If you are not having those symptoms, it could also boost your immune system to prevent from being sick.

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Speak to a herbalist

  • Step 1: Select video consultation time-slot
  • Step 2: Add us before your appointment:   Skype account: info@acuproclinic.co.uk; What’s app: 07598208622
  • Step 3: 30mins chatting with your consultant
  • Step4: Make the payment through the phone or bank transfer and arrange a review consultation.
  • Step5: You will review your customised herbal medicine within 2-3 days
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COVID-19 Notice
COVID-19 Notice
COVID-19 Notice
COVID-19 Notice
COVID-19 Notice
COVID-19 Notice
COVID-19 Notice

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